We were recently blessed with a 10 day visit with Sr Isaac; her trip had been scheduled in advance with the intention being for her to work with us at the Center with our normal day to day activity.  Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that her visit instead coincided with the efforts to recover from Florence. She spent time visiting with many of the volunteers, parishioners and friends in the area as well as the parish staff.  She helped us when we did some sorting of clothes at the Center. She came to help me at Catholic Charities where I had a temporary workspace.  One day, Sister spotted a wheelchair bound woman she recognized at a bus stop; of course, Sister  reached out to her, advised her to visit us at Catholic Charities, then proceeded to put the woman and the wheelchair in her van and drove her home. She spent time the next day helping the woman get her phone back in service. Sister may be retired, but she hasn’t lost her touch!). Her words of encouragement were just what we all needed; I invited her to share her thoughts with you:

The rich young man was doing good things, and Jesus invites him to go deeper – to sell all that he has and follow him.  Jesus was calling him to a very deep trust and he wasn’t able to go that far.

I have just finished spending ten days here after Florence touched down.  I am aware of the damage and devastation that hurricanes leave in their passing but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw in our area.  However, despite damage and devastation there is determination and decisiveness  to trust that, together, we will be strong and we will rebuild our spirits, our hopes and our parish sites that are home to so many programs that enrich our lives and the lives of others.  As you came to Church I am sure you noticed the Tileston building.  Deep trust is needed to believe that we will restore this historic building to new life.  Together, we did it bit by bit through its start in 1989..  With Father Ryszard at the helm, you will do it in 2018+ because you are St. Mary Strong!

As I went from one neighborhood to another and heard the stories from those whose lives were impacted by the rains that downed trees and flooded areas, I also witnessed their incredible gratitude for being spared.  And there was so much action going on around me.  Catholic Charities, along with other Agencies that the Center works with were  in full swing helping folks in need.  The Center was even given a room by Catholic Charities and we were able to set up shop and reach out so that even more people were served.  Neighbors were reaching out to neighbors helping clean up debris.  Support from Federal, State and Church groups like the Mormons and the Baptists had centers of assistance along with feeding stations for both the workers and the homeless, side by side.  How’s that for trust?

As I drove back to New York I was aware of how much I was touched by what you, Church, do for so many and for each other even in your listening to everyone’s story.

Blessings, Sister Isaac

Special Need of the Week:  Hopefully we have re-opened by the time you read this. Please call the office before bringing in any donations; it still may be a while before we will be ready to accept donations of material goods.