Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Time flies so fast. Good part of October is behind us. Temperatures are cooler and the weather is still enjoyable.

The Sr. Isaac Center is partially opened (by appointment only) offering a curbside service to the needy.

I want to thank Mary Ann Kotas and our volunteers at the outreach for serving the less fortunate in our community. My prayers are with all of you and our guests at the center.

Coronavirus cases hit record daily highs. Our state reports more than 2500 new infections. There are over 1000 active cases in New Hanover County and a few hundred in Brunswick County.

Please be careful. Don’t jeopardize your health!

On Saturday the marriage of Jesus Enrique and Maria Isabel will take place in the Basilica. I congratulate the groom and bride. May they be blessed with a happy life together.

The following Saturday five children will be baptized. I am happy for them and their families. May the Lord watch over them always.

Happy Halloween everyone!

With blessings,
Fr. Ryszard