My Dear Friends,
This weekend, Catholic Christians celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. In the selection we have from the First Letter of Samuel, we hear about a very special type of vocation call. I call this the “Samuel-like vocation call.”

In the “Samuel-like vocation call,” God calls persons to specific vocational paths such as the priesthood, Religious life, or other paths. The person promptly answers the call, but they discover that others have not heard the news. Thus, there are time lags between the call and the entry into the called state. During these “lag times,” the people can gain valuable skills and knowledge that will eventually help them in the final vocational state. This is the pattern I had for priesthood. As a result of this call, I was able to become an R.N. in psychiatric-mental health nursing, a Ph.D. in sociology, a university professor, and a writer. Every day, I discover that all my “lag times” were actually preparation periods for a very special priesthood that uses all the “lag time” skills and knowledge every day.

On Monday, Americans celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Martin is a model for the ages of someone who saw a social problem – racial discrimination – and set about to come up with solutions to remedy the problem. Thus, he is a true American hero.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
– Father Bob