My Dear Friends,
This weekend, Catholic Christians celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Lent. In the Old Testament reading from the Book of Exodus, we hear about the Hebrew “10 Commandments.” The first commandment, and the one that has the most words devoted to it, has to do with honoring God and not worshiping idols. Sometimes, people confuse objects of art with idols; the former beautify the world, while the latter refers to objects of worship. Modern day idols include guns, money, boats, cars, clothes, and many other things.

This Monday, our parish welcomes Gail Kelley representing the Maryknoll Affiliates. Gail will be joining our St. Mary Maryknoll Affiliate Chapter at their every-other-month Mass. Gail is planning to do a story on our Affiliate chapter and the more than 30 Hispanic ministries we have here at the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary. Welcome Gail to our community! This photo is the headquarters of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers in Maryknoll, New York.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
– Father Bob