My Dear Friends,
This weekend, Catholic Christians celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter.
In the Acts of the Apostles selection we have for today, we hear, “When Peter entered, Cornelius met him and, falling at his feet, paid him homage. Peter, however, raised him up, saying, ‘Get up. I myself am also a human being’” (Acts 10: 25-26). This Scripture passage is a beautiful example of humility on the part of Peter, and it is also a reminder that human beings must always strive to treat everyone as children of God.

Congratulations to Mrs. Karen Brown of St. Mary Catholic School who was named “North Carolina Science Olympiad Middle School Coach of the Year” for her outstanding success in teaching science! Our St. Mary team came in 11th out of 225 teams in North Carolina!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
– Father Bob