Update on Storm Damage – Basilica Shrine of St. Mary and St. Mary School

Our old, historic buildings did not fair as well as we had hoped during Hurricane Florence.

There is water damage throughout the Tileston building. Ceilings collapsed in several classrooms and offices, meeting rooms and the Upper Room resulting in water damage to the old wood floors. The St. Mary Gift Shop had extensive damage as well.

The “lower” school had roof leaks causing some ceilings to collapse causing water damage in several classrooms and hallways.

The rectory had basement flooding, many leaks throughout the building and the attic resulting in water damage throughout the house. One of the chimneys also collapsed.
The basilica had only some major leaks but the pastor was able to collect some of the water by placing buckets to catch the leaks.

A clean-up day brought many volunteers to get the restoration started. Contractors have begun the restoration work required by professional services and we are hoping to have the school and offices back in operation asap.

How can you help?

Insurance claims have been filed and work is in progress to clean up and make necessary repairs.
As we continue to evaluate the property, more damage will inevitably be discovered. As in all loss situations, insurance may not cover all the expenses involved in repairs and restoration as all of the buildings have serious damage and require proper, professional attention.

If you are able, please prayerfully consider making an additional contribution over the next few months
with the designation Reconstruction/Restoration Fund.

Use the button below for online contributions or mail checks to:
Building Restoration Fund, Basilica Shrine of St. Mary
412 Ann Street, Wilmington, NC 28401