Several of us at Outreach are quilters, a pastime we have in common with Sister Isaac.  I belong to the Quilters by the Sea Guild, as do several of my volunteers. The members bring canned food to their monthly meeting to be shared with three food pantries, including ours.  Many of the members are regular donors of small quilts as well as clothing and furnishings.

We are pleased  to have  two other groups of quilters that supply us with beautifully made quilts. One group is from the Linus project, and the other is Handmade With Love.  These are groups that get together to work on charity quilts each month, and we are fortunate to be recipients of some of their work.  Each month, we receive dozens of quilts and throws. We set aside several of the quilts that are suitable for infants and include them  in Layette Packs put together by our volunteers .  When one of our guests has a newborn, we offer them the thoughtfully gathered layette including many essentials.  The remainder of the quilts are kept on display in my office.  When I am interviewing a guest with children in the home, we allow them to pick out a quilt they would like. The other day, I was helping a mom accompanied by a cute little girl. We discussed the mom’s need and I was able to offer her financial assistance.  When we finished,  I offered the child a quilt, and she went about ‘shopping’ through our latest shipment of quilts. She shuffled through several and pulled out a purple one that caught her eye; but then she spotted a pink one with ballerinas on it and that was the sure winner!  Her smile really shows how happy she was!

It’s a real pleasure to be able to share the quilts with the community. I often have guests that come in and tell me their children still cherish quilts we’ve given out over the years;  it’s nice to know they are appreciated.  Quilts are a work of Heart.

Special Need of the Week –  Keep in mind the Center is closed in August. If you have items to donate, please bring them in or arrange pickup  by mid-July.

Best wishes to Marie and Dave King. They have been heavily involved as volunteers for many years. We wish them well on their move to Idaho.