I was happy to see to everyone that stopped in at our Open House last weekend after the Sunday masses.
Although we were ‘closed’ in August, it was still quite a busy place – the Knights had a food drive to restock our pantry,  a team came in to work on the TEFAP food delivery as well as the Share Sunday deliveries, the homeless cupboard was restocked, shopping was done for diapers and hygiene items, work was done on a transportation grant, and I attended a meeting with several other organizations to share notes on how we each operate our programs.

Aside from this ‘normal’ activity, we had several projects going on. The floors were painted from front to back;  our interview room was totally reconfigured, creating a bigger work area  for our administrative volunteer staff,  and we increased the number of interview areas for our guests – it looks like a brand new room! Improvements were made to our two restrooms,  installing new sinks, a vanity and flooring – one of them even had the wall moved to make it a bit more spacious.  A new hot water heater was installed. Some redecorating was done, dressing up the place a bit. And of course, there was a thorough cleaning from stem to stern.

All of this was made possible by a very generous donation made by one of the families in the parish; it was earmarked for any ‘improvements’ needed.  We hired Tim Martin for painting, but all the rest of the labor was from volunteers.  Steve Levesque was our ‘project manager';  he drew up the plans for all the changes, and led the effort.  Barbara Ruszala and Marge Kempf did lots of organizing and attending to small details. Many of our regular volunteers helped out, as well as some of the Knights, all too many to name.  I am very grateful to all of them!

And of course, we are now ‘back in business';  thank you to everyone that held on to your donations until we re-opened.  We are working on our pickup schedule and we’ll get to you as soon as we can!

If you missed the opportunity to drop in, feel free to stop by when we are open and we’d be happy to show you around.