September has continued to be a really busy month.  Our halls have filled with people in need; most days, I opened the doors to large crowds, surpassing our usual limit of 35 . But, as promised, we take in everyone that is at the door at 8:30. One day we had 45 people waiting.  Our volunteers all did a great job of taking care of everyone, even though it meant longer mornings than usual.  Several new volunteers came on board this month and we are happy to have the extra help.

It’s been a busy month for many of our donors, as well. Despite some bad weather, St. Therese held a diaper driver for us at their weekend masses. We dropped the van off in their parking lot on Saturday, and then returned it to the Center Sunday afternoon, fully loaded. Their parishoners donated 7500 diapers – that will certainly tide us over for a long while!  On the same weekend, the Knights of Columbus held yet another food drive; they gathered hundreds of bags of groceries, as well as several hundred dollars in donations in spite of the fact that the stores weren’t very crowded due to the weather.

Our back door has been busy taking in donations that people have been dropping off;  it seems that many people took our advice and held on to their items while we were closed, and they are bringing them in now. We’ve had mountains of clothes to sort, and our shelves are filling up again.  The van has been busy picking up furniture donations; we’ve had so many requests, we are a bit backed up, but we are picking up as fast as we can.

Many other donors are dropping by:  school kids have been down with cans of food,  bikes have come in from Two Wheeler Dealer, financial donations come in daily.  I know I’ve mentioned a gentleman that Sister helped years ago that comes in monthly with his cash donation to pay it forward.  He dropped in to see me the first day we opened. As usual, he pressed some bills into my hand as we shared a hug.  When he left and I laid the cash on my desk, I realized he had handed me $100, rather than his usual $50. I guess he was including his donation for August as well as September.  I’m always touched every time he drops by.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us in any way, be it donating time or goods or money or food or even just encouraging words and your prayers. We are truly blessed to have the support of so many!