Summer break is over and the Center is ready to open its doors.  Although we’ve been ‘closed’, we’ve been busy!!  We’ve been deep cleaning, painting, moving furniture, shampooing rugs,  remodeling two bathrooms, installing new bathroom fixtures and a water heater, reorganizing spaces, shelving all the food deliveries and donations received in August, stocking up our hygiene cupboard, shopping for food ….. we’ve even had ‘construction’ going on, reconfiguring our interview room and expanding space for our administrative team.   All in all, it’s been a very productive month  (and we all had some time off relaxing, too.)

My thanks goes out to everyone that pitched in to help, and to everyone that held on to their donations over the past month.  Our doors will be open for business on Tuesday, September 5.  We are ready to welcome back our well rested volunteers  and to receive your donations; our houseware shelves are empty and we’ll need your help to fill them up again.

Blessings to everyone that has helped us in any way to continue Sister Isaac’s work.