As I was preparing to write this article I came across the following prayer of a Mrs. Leon Walters:  “God, give me the determination and tenacity of a weed.”

For those of us who have tended gardens over the years, this captures perfectly the message in today’s scripture readings.

What just is the Good News for us today?  It reminds us not to give up and don’t get discouraged despite all that is going on around us.  That is some message for many of us.  If you drive to work early in the morning you will see our guests lining up as early at 3 a.m. in the morning.  When I was younger I remember seeing pictures in History books about Bread Lines at the time of the Great Depression.  Well, it really isn’t much different here on Ann Street, ninety years later, as men and women come for bread in all its various forms.

Throughout this area, this region, the State and Country people are hurting.  It is estimated that one in three people are feeling the effects of the economic crisis.  In past years when our dedicated men picked up food from the Food Bank the first Tuesday of each month, we were given three palettes of food.  This month we received ½ of a palette and there was no canned or fresh meat in the delivery.

Because of your interest and support, the Outreach, representing you, makes an effort Monday through Thursday to give people hope along with bread, food, clothing, hygiene articles, etc…  Interestingly enough, it works both ways and we, too, renew our hope when we witness our guests’ determination to make it another day.

As we enjoy this fall season, watching leaves falling and trees becoming bare, we are well aware that it all happens so that new life can burst forth in the coming months.  Let us continue praying hard that God will listen to our prayers, just as God did to Moses’ and the widow.

Special Need for the Week:  Men’s slacks, jeans of all sizes but especially 30’ waist.  We also can use canned food, spaghetti and sauce and canned protein.

RCIA:  Our Team met with about a dozen people interested in deepening their knowledge of our Faith.  Like the Apostles, we are off to a good start of listening and sharing and this week we will talk about our Images of God.  We meet 9-10 am on Saturday’s in the RCIA room in Tileston.