There are so many anecdotes being told about Pope Francis.  One of the most touching to me is that when he was asked how he defines himself, he replied, “I am a sinner”.  However, he didn’t stop there for he went on to add, and the good news is that “I have been redeemed!”

Today we hear Jesus telling a parable about two men who went to pray.  Perhaps we find the Pharisee a bit arrogant as he lets God know all about his achievements and I suspect we would come down on the side of the tax collector.  And that is the Good News for our loving God offers mercy to all of us.

These past weeks have been difficult for many of us as people are still searching for meaningful work, actually any work that will help them with their bills and other responsibilities.  It is hard to look for work when you have no car and you need to depend on the bus which is $2 a ride and the bus doesn’t go where one needs to go.  There’s a lot of walking going on.  Our shelves have very little canned food on them, since the Outreach is serving 35+ people each day and this month we received just ½ palette of food from the Food Bank.  We are grateful to the Knights who in their drives have also collected funds so we are able to purchase some food and meat.

Yes, we are all sinners, and we are all in this together as we help to ease one another’s burdens just as Christ eases our burdens.

Special Need for the Week:  Next Sunday is Share Sunday.  We appreciate all you do to help fill our shelves with food.  Once again we are reminded that we reach out and feed others, because we are being fed in Eucharist.

RCIA:  This weekend we reflected on the Image of God as Father and Mother, Creator.