A few stories to share from recent activity at the Center –

We have the opportunity to visit the Foodbank and ‘shop’ for extra food when our supply is low. We make an appointment and send our shopper over. We don’t have a choice, we just make a general request. This last trip we requested frozen meat.  My shopper came back with 400# of meat; most of it was large racks of ribs, along with several boxes of hot dogs. I was really concerned that our guests wouldn’t be able to cook the ribs.  We decided not to add them to the food bags we prepared; we put them in coolers near the door and offered them as ‘extra’ to each guest that came in.  To my surprise, the ribs really went over well!  Almost everyone that came in was happy to take ribs; the regular bags also had hot dogs too. I was really pleased to know that our guests would have some special food to enjoy for Memorial Day weekend.

A young man named Luke from an organization called ‘Birth Beginnings’ contacted me recently asking for assistance with hygiene items for an upcoming event.  He mentioned that they provide help to migrant workers. I asked if they had a need for diapers and formula and he said yes! They have doula’s that work with  mothers and could definitely use those items!  We made arrangements to have him send someone in the next day  and we gathered items for them; we happened to have an overage of size 2 diapers that we don’t get calls for, as well as formula. We gave him a case of travel size soaps, a large number of  boxes of diapers and a several cases of formula. He decided to come in himself and when he did, he was overwhelmed by our generosity. He spoke to one of my volunteers and explained he had driven here from Campbell University – a two hour ride. He told us that Birth Beginnings started at Campbell in late 2019 but then was stalled due to the pandemic and now they are finally up and running.   He also talked about the great need for care for the expectant mothers, and the high rate of infant mortality among the migrants due to lack of proper care. I’m not sure who was happier that day – Luke who was driving off with our donations or  my volunteers and I for being able to share the items with him!

Blessings for your support of our ministry!