John 6:51-58

Some time ago, a family invited me to lunch. They have a daughter named Aline, who is an only child. She asked me three questions about the Eucharist that I want to share with you today.

Father Chesco how it is possible that a piece of bread and a little wine become the body and blood of Jesus?

This is an incredible miracle that we call transubstantiation. Bread and wine are still apparently bread and wine but the substance has been transformed because they are already the body and blood of Christ.

Although this is a great miracle, something similar happens to us to a lesser degree. When we eat potatoes, bread, rice, etc.., these foods become our body through the process of digestion and absorption. Although, these processes take longer the food loses its original substance to become our substance. In reality, we are and we will be the food that we now eat. It could be concluded that we are not what we dress but what we eat. When I eat food I will have life, and when I eat eternal food, such as communion, I will have eternal life.

What changes during the consecration? Does the meaning of bread and wine change?

Some people say that bread and wine change only in meaning. They are still bread and wine but they remind me of Jesus. We believe that it is much more because Christ knew how to speak very well and if he had wanted to he would have said “take and eat that this means my body, take and drink that this means my blood” but Jesus clearly stated “take and eat that this is my body and drink this is my blood and do this in memory of me. ” The colors red, white and green mean Mexico, but they are not Mexico; instead the consecrated bread and wine are the body and blood of Christ. And every time we eat them we announce his death until he returns.

How is it possible that at the same time Christ is present at every Mass in all parts of the world?

Previously this was more difficult to explain. Today technology helps us understand. Let’s look at the GPS. At the same time thousands of people are asking for the address to take them to different places and the server gives them all the correct data. If that is done by a simple satellite and the telephones we have, how can it not be God who is fully capable of allowing his son to be simultaneously everywhere.