Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In these challenging times we may not all be infected by Covid-19, but we are all certainly affected.

Our lives have changed dramatically. We take so many simple things  for granted. But the health and safety of our society should remain our utmost priority. People who are sick can not improve economy. That’s why we all have to follow guidelines of medical experts so we can open up the restrictions when the time is right.

Today’s gospel reading (Luke 24:13-35) reminds us that we meet the Lord in the scripture and breaking of bread.

Let us take the opportunity this coming week to share with our family and loved ones what our faith means to us and how it helps us each day. Since we cannot  partake in the Eucharist during this time, let us share our faith together  during our meals, if possible.

Be patient, persevere and  do not lose hope. God loves you. I love you.

With prayers,
Fr. Ryszard