Matthew 14:13-21

Humanity has always been hungry for bread and hungry for God.

The multiplication of the loaves is one of the most extraordinary miracles of Jesus, but the role played by the apostles is very interesting, to the point of being able to conclude that rather than admire the prodigy, Jesus wants us to prolong it throughout history.

What would be the steps for us to help the bread multiply?

I want to present 3 steps that are very useful.

  1. Reaching Jesus and feeling like Him: this is how compassion will come for those who are suffering physically or spiritually. The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves is the end of a day of compassion for Jesus towards the crowd that followed him. If there is compassion for those who suffer, the bread and everything else will come.
  2. Give them something to eat: Do not wait for manna to fall from heaven, but follow the divine order to help others even if it is only with five loaves and two fishes.
  3. Deliver the blessed bread and collect what is left: It is not enough to calm hunger and the need of each day. It is necessary to remember that we need the bread of eternal life. We live for Christ. It is very important to love the Eucharist and try to bring others closer to this great mystery of love. Jesus has said: he who eats me has eternal life and I will raise him up on the last day.