Matthew 22:1-14

The encounter with God is the best of parties. Jesus says it is the wedding feast of the king’s son. You and I are invited, there are only two conditions: there are no excuses to be absent and you have to attend with the appropriate dress.

What is it that prevents us the full joy of this party? Is it business, land, passing matters?

God’s people were all of Israel. Jesus confronts the Jewish leaders and shows them by means of three parables that they have lost the privilege of being God’s people.

The first parable, they are like the educated son who refuses the invitation to work in the father’s vineyard.  In the second parable, they are like the wicked tenants who refuse the invitation to deliver the fruit to the vineyard and finally, as seen in the third parable here,  they are like the first guests who do not attend the wedding of their king’s son.

Israel rejected the invitation to attend the wedding with indifference and even aggressiveness towards the king’s emissaries. The king is enraged, burns the city of those unworthy guests and opens the invitation to all kinds of people. The party is already prepared.

We are the new guests. We have been met at the crossroads. The church is the new people invited by God and is made up of all kinds of people, good and bad.

However, as the first guests we can also be unworthy if we do not prepare ourselves with the right dress. The son of the king asks us to clothe ourselves with love, compassion and mercy, our faith, to participate in the eternal festivities of the Son’s wedding.

~Fr. Chesco