Matthew 21:33-43

What happens when man takes possession of what belongs to God?

What happens when we do not respect the signs and messages that God sends to show us his love?

What happens when we don’t let God come to collect the fruits that correspond to him?

This parable is called the parable of the tenants.  This parable is different from the others; it speaks of the destiny of Jesus and the destiny of the chosen people.  It is not a story of something that did not happen, but it indicates what was happening in that time and it is a special announcement of what will happen to Jesus, to Israel, and to the church.

The vineyard was a very important symbol of the Old Testament because it represented Israel as God’s people. The owner of the vineyard is God, who not only planted the vineyard but laid the foundation for it to be fruitful and then rented the vineyard. The tenants were responsible for taking care of it and producing and harvesting the fruit.  They did not, and they even killed some of the servants who were sent to collect the fruits.

We see the patience of the father until he is able to send his only son.

The tenants kill the son of the owner of the vineyard.  Jesus then asks the Jewish authorities what will the owner do with these vineyards?  They reply that he will kill them and rent the vineyard to other people.  It’s a great question from Jesus because they sentence themselves to death and the destiny of the vineyard passes from Israel to the church.  Jesus concludes by quoting Psalm 118: The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone.  This is the announcement of the resurrection and the creation of the church.

~Fr. Chesco