I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about a new “movement” we are starting here in Wilmington.  It is called #WilmingtonRocks!  The project was inspired by similar groups in Missouri, New Jersey and Tennessee.  Take a moment to look around your town and you may notice brightly painted rocks popping up all over the place.

#WilmingtonRocks started as an idea for my Youth Ministry students and hopefully will blossom into a full blown community MOVEMENT!

This mobile, participatory public art installation uses the medium of social practice art making to inspire the creativity and kindness that is spreading throughout Wilmington North Carolina.  Each rock has been hand-painted by a Wilmington resident to remind each and every one of you that Wilmington Rocks!! If you see a rock, you are welcome to take that rock or you can leave it for someone else to find and enjoy! If you take a rock, consider creating your own painted rock and replace the one you kept.  There is a Facebook page that has been created for everyone to share rocks they have found, places they may have seen rocks or placed some.  Enjoy the colors, the creativity, the kindness and remember, #WilmingtonRocks!