Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have been enjoying the first weeks of Spring. Have you planted some flowers or played golf yet?  Weatherwise now is the time to engage in all those activities. Before or after your chores, why don’t you relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on your deck?

We celebrated  a wonderful Paschal Triduum at the Basilica. It was good to see you prayerfully embracing the passion, death and resurrection of our Savior.

Easter is hope. I prayed  the resurrected  Lord filled each of you with hope and happiness in your hearts for the days to come.  However you connected with family and friends whether near or far, that you were able to be surrounded by joy and laughter.

We are making progress with renovation of our buildings on the campus. The opening of the Tileston Center and the rectory is scheduled for this June 2021.

May Christ shower His blessing  upon you,
Fr. Ryszard