Lots of things to be thankful for at the Center:

One young man had failed to pick up his Christmas gifts for his family on the day of our distribution. I had a message from him on my phone a couple days later and he told me he had relocated within town and hadn’t received our notification. I agreed to meet him the next day to give him the gifts we had gathered for his family.  I told him his food basket was no longer available, but I was able to pull together several things to provide him with a nice dinner for him and his boys.  I drove in the next day and met him; he thanked me profusely but what really struck me was what he said next – he apologized if my coming in to the office took me away from time with my family during the holiday.

Another guest came in for help for her mother recently; due to serious health issues, her mother had fallen behind on her bills and was at risk of having her water and electric turned off. We chatted for a while and I was able to help with one of the bills. She thanked me for paying the bill, and I in turn thanked her for helping her mother, whereby she said “No need for thanks; I’m honored to be able to help her.”

One of my volunteers spotted a woman in town that had visited us on several occasions; she had previously worked as a cab driver and in hard times was known to live in her vehicle. She was proud to say things were going well; she had found housing and was back using the cab for her occupation instead of her living quarters.

Another woman stopped in one morning just to see me and say hello; she reminded me that she had come to me for help with her mortgage after the hurricane over a year ago and she wanted me know that she and her family are doing well. She had quite a battle with the mortgage bank, but through her persistence got them to work with her and even reduced her interest rate. She wanted to thank me for helping her early on with her efforts, and to let me know they are happily settled back in their home.

We received an interesting donation the other day: an envelope containing $86.30.  It was sent by a grandmother in our parish. She included a note letting me know the money was raised by her two granddaughters and their friends. They had a ‘Hot Chocolate Stand’ to benefit our ministry.  (They are the same children that have held several art sales for us.)  I must admit I’m always touched by donations from children; it’s wonderful that they are learning to have empathy for those who are less fortunate.

Our guests regularly offer their thanks to me; not just for what we do for them, but what we do for the entire community. My office has a display of many Thank You cards we received after the holidays. Personally, I am ever thankful for all of you that support our Ministry.  It has been three years since Sister Isaac retired and I’m sincerely overwhelmed by the support everyone has given me since I stepped into her shoes.  Thank you for helping us keep this Ministry alive.


Special Need of the Week – Remember next week is Share Sunday. Consider bringing in a non-perishable food item when you come to Mass.