Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Wednesday around the world, especially on the Emerald Island, people will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (La Fheile Padraig).

St. Padraig was a  fifth century missionary and bishop. He is known for using the shamrock to explain the Most Holy Trinity.  This foremost patron of Ireland came from a religious and devout family. His father was a deacon and his grandfather was a priest. Today St. Patrick is venerated in the Catholic Church and in the Eastern Orthodox Church as an Enlightener of Ireland.

Everybody in town tells me that the best and the most authentic delicious Irish cuisine in Wilmington  is served at The Harp restaurant and pub  on S. 3rd Street. If you are Irish or want to be Irish for a day and don’t feel like cooking at home you may savor delicious Irish dishes at the Harp.

Whatever your plans may be I wish you all a very Irish and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Wear green, be joyful and commemorate the occasion.

Erin Go Brach!

or as you greet each other you can also say:

Fada beo na h’Eirean!

With prayers,
Fr. Ryszard