Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On March 20th I confirmed over forty young men and women. This sacrament was conferred during the mass. Sharing in their important step of initiation into faith brought me a lot of joy. Everybody was very happy and after the liturgy many pictures were taken.

I pray that they will actively participate  in the parish life at the Basilica or in other churches assisted generously by the seven gifts of the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity . May they never forget the day of their confirmation and always search guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout their life.

Two days earlier the parish council met and we discussed a way to have better communication with our parishioners. As a result we are looking at an app to keep you informed immediately of any parish happenings.

The renovation of the Tileston Center and the rectory will be finished this June  2021. I want the parish center to be very busy on a daily basis. Many tasks will be done by the parishioners so they can take the ownership of the parish. Volunteers are welcome!!!

In Christ,
Fr. Ryszard