Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Vaccines against the coronavirus and its different variants detected in Great Britain, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Nigeria, South Carolina, California, New York and other countries or states give us hope.  We should be  grateful to God for our scientists and researchers who have been using their knowledge and passion for discovery to make us healthy and safe.

I strongly encourage you to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Pope Francis said: “It is an ethical choice because you are risking your health, your life, but you are also risking the lives of others”. I would add that it is an ethical imperative to protect our well being and the well being of those around us.

Don’t be afraid and when you have an opportunity let the nurse inject the serum in your arm.

In meantime remember the three W’s (wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, watch your distance). Additionally, avoid gatherings, be in public only when it is absolutely necessary.

Down with Covid-19. Long live life!!!

With prayers,
Fr. Ryszard