What is your question?:
Fr. Bob, in your answer to holding hands, you state we should do it out of love, however, should it not be more important to be obedient. Rome specifically responded to this practice and said the lay practices should not change the liturgical norms of the church. We as lay folks don’t have a right, and most don’t have the knowledge to do so. Most don’t even understand that the sacrifice of the mass is really about. So is it wise to specifically go against what the Holy See has said. This seems to contradict unity, the very point you make in talking about one cup versus many cups? Additionally, I would add that we have a duty to be obedient by not only listening to the church, but not doing something we haven’t specifically been given permission to do. As you probably know, if neither the bishops’ conference nor the Holy See has seen fit to prescribe any posture for the recitation of the Our Father, it hardly behooves any lesser authority to impose a novel gesture not required by liturgical law and expect the faithful to follow their decrees. Lastly, The use of this practice during the Our Father could detract and distract from the prayer’s God-directed sense of adoration and petition, as explained in Nos. 2777-2865 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in favor of a more horizontal and merely human meaning.
Just a few thoughts. I think obedience runs both ways, doing what we are told and also not doing what we haven’t been expressly given permission to do. Changing the mass is not mine to change.

The answer for this question:
Thanks for your comments. Pastoral practice always takes into account rules, and there is a hierarchy of rules in the church. Changing the formula for Consecration, for example, is non-negotiable. Saying the “I confess to almighty God” or not saying it is up to the priest. Likewise, the priest decides what Eucharistic Prayer to use. The priest is also responsible for safety issues, so if it is too hard for the elderly to stand, he needs to address such thing. Just keep in mind that rules are made for humans, not the other way around. And above all, love trumps rules should there ever be a question.