My Dear Friends,
Happy Easter to you and those you love!  Easter, the Feast of the Resurrection of Jesus, is the highest feast of the Church Year.  In fact, it is so special that most Christians celebrate every Sunday as “The Lord’s Day” instead of celebrating the Sabbath (Saturday).

Easter is a time of new birth, a fresh beginning.  In our part of the world, it is a time when the trees and bushes get new leafs and flowers bloom in profusion.  This is a good time for reflecting on our lives and doing some “spring cleaning” of our souls.  What do we need to discard?  What do we need to freshen up?  What do we need to add?  All of us have plenty to keep us busy with this personal improvement project.

Congratulations to all the people who celebrated Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil this weekend and all of the catechists who prepared them!

Many thanks also go to all of those who worked so hard to make Holy Week such a wonderful experience.  I especially thank Josh Rammel and his team, Sara Bryant and all those in the music ministries of our parish, John Walsh who is always behind the scenes making everything run smoothly, the Eucharist Ministers, Lectors, Altar Guild, Church Cleaners, Altar Servers, and Ushers.  And, of course, I thank the Family Ministry of the Hispanic Ministries and associates who did a super job doing the live Vía Crucis.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

–  Father Bob