The Center has now re-opened after our much needed August break. Even though we were ‘closed’, there was still some activity going on. Some volunteers came in to do some re-organizing, our cleaning gal worked hard freshening things up, and our food guys were busy checking on our equipment and shelving food. Thanks go out to the Knights of Columbus for holding not one but two food drives in August; their work will ensure we have plenty of food to offer those in need this month.

Speaking of the Knights, WWAY has done a public service announcement acknowledging the Knight’s food drives; you can find it on YouTube.

Now that we are open, we are ready to receive your donations. Our hours are still Monday through Thursday, 8:30 til 11:30; we accept donations at the entrance on the west end parking lot near the gym. Call if you have furniture or appliances to be picked up;

We will have our front door open to receive guests from 9:00am until 11:00am.  We are still in need of volunteers for several different positions. Contact me if you’d like to come in for a tour and find out more about volunteer opportunities.

Mary Ann

910-762-5491 x-135

Special need of the Week  –  children’s clothes, all sizes.